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Welcome to PC Support, Inc.

homesidePC Support, Inc., founded in 1989, is committed to excellence in computer software support and consulting to the legal community.  Our founder not only has a background in computer programming and software applications, but also credentials in teaching. This unique combination of concentrations affirms our dedication to understanding new technology and presenting it to end-users in a fully comprehensible manner.

Our consulting philosophy is that each client is a "work in progress" rather than a completed project. We know that our clients experience continual changes in their software and staff. Software is updated at an increasingly rapid rate and its complexity compounds with each revision. Our programming experience and teaching expertise give us the unique combination of skills necessary to solve programming problems and articulate these solutions to all levels of computer users.

We stand by our clients as their needs for support develop along with the times. While our client base continues to increase, our loyalty to long-term clients remains firm. In fact, client references are always available upon request. PC Support, Inc., is there to care about your clients and to give your firm the individual attention you need and deserve. We truly provide service that is Hi-Tech with a Soft Touch.

We specialize in the following Legal Applications:

  • Tabs3 Legal Time and Billing
  • Tabs3 Legal Accounting and Trust Accounting
  • PracticeMaster Case Management
  • Worldox Document Management Software
  • SoftPro Real Estate Settlement Program
  • Custom configuration and macro writing for standard applications

While our competition can only offer you canned courses, PC SUPPORT offers you the kind of customized training and software integration your staff needs, focusing on their daily work applications.

  • Specializing in LEGAL Applications
  • On-Site Training on Your System
  • Custom Templates for your Software Applications
  • Specialized Software Configuration
  • Custom Macro Programming
  • Application-Specific Consulting and Integration
  • Web-based instruction and assistance available

PC SUPPORT Offers You Everything You Need to Customize Your Applications.

Call us for custom programming, configuration, software installation, or problem diagnosis and troubleshooting.